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Getting Started
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Getting Started
Q. What is Members Only?
A. Members Only gives you up-to-date information on your accounts held through NCB and its affiliates. It combines all your accounts under one username. In addition to account information it provides payment, covenant, and stock information. You can also subscribe/unsubscribe to different mailing lists that NCB offers.
Q. What is Online Personal Banking?
A. Online Personal Banking is a service provided to customers with a deposit account held through National Cooperative Bank, N.A. It has additional features like Bill Pay, funds transfer and much more.
Q. What are the costs?
A. Members Only is free to account holders!
Q. How do I sign up?
A. When you are ready to sign up Members Only please have your Tax Identification Number and your latest bill in front of you. If you represent multiple borrowers please have this information for each borrower you represent.
Q. What is the difference between 'Borrower' and 'Managing Agent' in the registration section?
A. There are three ways to register for Members Only. If you are a standard borrower with NCB and do not represent or manage multiple borrowers then register as a Borrower. If you handle accounts for multiple borrowers (ie. Accountants) then you would register as a Multi-User, and provide information for each borrower you represent. If you are a Managing Agent representing multiple borrowers then you would register as a Managing Agent and provide information for just one of the Borrowers you represent.
Account Information
Q. What accounts can I access?
A. You can access any accounts you have with NCB or its affiliates including Mortgages, Lines of Credit and Deposit accounts.
Q. How do I use the Print a bill section?
A. From the dropdown located on top of all Members Only pages choose the Escrow Info under the account you want to view escrow information for. Then enter the dates that you want to view or use the calendar button and click go.
Security Information
Q. Is Members Only secure?
A. Yes. NCB has taken strong measures to ensure that your information remains confidential. Members Only supports data encryption at the highest level available on web today. Your browser may not be configured to support the 128-bit encryption level of security.
Q. What does SSL mean?
A. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, originally developed by Netscape, has become the universal standard on the Web for authenticating Web sites to Web browser users, and for encrypting communications between browser users and Web servers. Because SSL is built into all major browsers and Web servers, simply installing a digital certificate, or SSL Certificate, enables SSL capabilities.
Q. What are authentication and encryption?
A. SSL server authentication allows users to confirm a Web server's identity. SSL-enabled client software, such as a Web browser, can automatically check that a server's certificate and public ID are valid and have been issued by a certificate authority (CA) - such as VeriSign - listed in the client software's list of trusted CAs. SSL server authentication is vital for secure e-commerce transactions in which users, for example, are sending credit card numbers over the Web and first want to verify the receiving server's identity. An encrypted SSL connection requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting private information from interception over the Internet. In addition, all data sent over an encrypted SSL connection is protected with a mechanism for detecting tampering - that is, for automatically determining whether the data has been altered in transit. This means that users can confidently send private data, such as credit card numbers, to a Web site, trusting that SSL keeps it private and confidential.
Contact Information
Q. Who do I contact for questions?
A. Fill out the form Click Here